Refresh your Perspective | 撑起一场创意工坊的所有灵感,竟然只靠一杯茶和一套乐高积木

Refresh your Perspective | 撑起一场创意工坊的所有灵感,竟然只靠一杯茶和一套乐高积木


Last week, Techtemple Shanghai saw a refreshing introduction to Heike-Mate energy tea and the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method. By the use of LEGO, fifty participants from various Startup backgrounds participated in's introductive workshop to LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® where they took a refreshing perspective at the 'concept of imagination' and 'the act of doing' with the use of LEGO® bricks. 

上周三,我们在上海Techtemple举办了一场极富创意的推介活动,主角是黑客能量马黛茶LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®,50位来自初创领域的同好人士受邀出席。在这场Constructive.xyz创意工坊中,参与者们学到了如何以全新视角进行思考。


Why do Heike-Mate, Techtemple, and collaborate on this event? Our company's missions align:



Heike-Mate's mission is to energize Startups in a better way

Techtemple is dedicated to building the largest O2O Startup Ecosystem in Asia's mission is to bring play back into the way we think about ourselves and our work

黑客马黛 为初创公司注入源源活力

Techtemple 致力于构建亚洲最大的O2O创业生态系统 引导趣味回归我们对自身和工作的思考


LEGO® bricks, brain enhancing iced tea, and an awesome startup hub, what more can a Startup ask for?!?




Originally from Beijing, Techtemple is a Startup Ecosystem that provides its members with Co-working spaces, financial services, events, media, and big data to empower Startups' greatest success. In short, Techtemple functions as an 'Idea-hub', were Startup ideas have the perfect environment to become reality and grow into successful companies.




Heike-Mate is a natural energy drink based on South-American Yerba-Mate tea. We developed Heike-Mate as a drink for people active in Startups in order to help bring balance to their active lives; either during the day or night. It is our mission is to energize Startups in a better way.

黑客马黛是一种天然能量饮料,灵感源于南美洲的耶巴马黛茶。我们研发的初衷,就是帮助活跃在初创领域的人士,不论昼夜都能在忙碌的快节奏中保持平衡。我们的宗旨也是希望为初创界注入焕然一新的能量。 brings play back into the way we think about ourselves and our work. This play is brought back with the use of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology: an innovative process designed to enhance innovation and business performance using LEGO®. 引导趣味回归我们对自身和工作的思考,这种回归就通过引入LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®实现:乐高积木在这一精心设计的创新过程中,扮演了重要的角色,激发创意与商业表现。


LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® is build on four key theories that make it into an effective consulting method: Constructivism, Constructionism, Hand Knowledge and Flow.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® 以我们的四维理论为基础,如今已经成为一种有效的咨询模式:构成主义,构建精神,指尖智慧,源源灵感。



Put simply, we learn by combining new knowledge with our experience.



Learning happens particularly well when making 3D objects in the real world.



LSP re-engages your hands in problem solving and gives you access to more of your unconscious mind than you would otherwise have when working with paper or computer screens.

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®引导双手回归思考的过程,相比在纸上或电脑上工作,指尖的智慧能更好帮助你深入自己的潜意识世界。

FLOW 源源灵感

Effective learning is what takes place when we are genuinely engaged in something.







YinYang Music Festival 2017

YinYang Music Festival 2017

YinYang Music Festival

How better to spend the Dragon Boat holiday than with a music party on top of the Great Wall? There is no better way and we at Heike-Mate therefore headed to the Great Wall in Tianjin to attend the legendary 2017 YinYang Music Festival!











Electronic music lovers from all corners of the world gathered on the top of the Great Wall for already the fourth edition of YinYang festival. The festival is among the World's most well-known and pioneering music festivals, and proudly boasts to be the only music festival with an actual music stage on top of the Wall. YinYang Music Festival seeks to educate young China about underground electronic music and the beautiful settings provide a chance for the collision and integration of ancient Chinese history and modern electronic music.





Visitors had the opportunity to see a variety of well-known international guests such as Jack de Marseille, one of the founding fathers of the French electronic music scene. In addtion, SAVAGGIO from Berlin, Umeme Afrorave from Holland and lots of other excellent bands attended and gave the festivals visitors a great ride through different electronic music styles.

登上长城,这里有教父级的法国电音艺人Jack de Marseille,有中国本土元老级的电音艺术家Ben Huang,有另辟蹊径将小提琴和电音结合的柏林鲜肉组合SAVAGGIO,有来自荷兰的Umeme Afrorave电子乐队,还有更多燃爆现场的电子音乐人带来超震撼的感官刺激。

In addition to the awesome DJs, YinYang Music Festival features a great main stage with a 3D visual mapping experience, which turned the Great Wall into a moving visual art object. What's more, visitors had the opportunity to participate in various activities such as a sunrise Yoga session or a virtual reality 3D rollercoaster experience.

当然不仅限于音乐,阴阳音乐节还为每一个电音狂热粉准备了一场盛大的3D Mapping视觉艺术表演,给饱经沧桑的长城也披上了一层妖冶魅惑的外衣。另外,草地露营彻夜演出,甚至长城上的日出瑜伽都为这次的音乐节增添更多精彩。

Heike-Mate feels honored for the opportunity to participate in such a one of a kind of music festival like YinYang. We would like to give a huge thank you to all the awesome visitors and ofcourse the entire YinYang team, which includes volunteers from all over China and the World. To us, YinYang is one of the most inspring cultural events in the World, bridging gaps between culture and nationality for its diverse crowd of participants. 

而这次黑客马黛出现在阴阳音乐节上,除了基于对音乐的狂热痴迷,还有一个很大的原因就是大家不谋而合的“阴阳”精神。阴阳音乐节中的“阴阳☯”代表的是历史与现代、文化与音乐的冲撞和融合。同样地,黑客马黛团队创立黑客马黛茶之初,在设计茶饮logo的配色中也融入了”阴阳“含义。阴阳两极分饰白天和黑夜,诠释了Refresh Today-Activate Tonight,体现出黑客马黛茶带给饮茶人的平衡,不对抗,不激烈,缓缓地释放能量。




COCKTAIL TIME! | 特别企划 狂马黛鸡尾酒

COCKTAIL TIME! | 特别企划 狂马黛鸡尾酒



This week, in partnership with Sidechef, Oz-Vitae and Tippler, we at Heike-Mate bring you something special: The AGUAMATE cocktail. The AGUAMATE was developed by Oz-Vitae and is available for 24/7 home delivery through Tippler: Please press the link at the end of the article to order the cocktail set!


The AguaMate is based on South-American Mate-tea and Aguardiente, which make it a 100% South-American cocktail. The Aguardiente is a Star anise based spirit that goes hand in hand with the strong Mate-tea flavor and the apple-citrus sourness of the limes - perfect for hot summer days or nights. 






Heike-Mate 黑客马黛茶

Heike-Mate 黑客马黛茶

Heike-Mate is a natural energy drink based on South-American Yerba-Mate tea. One bottle of Heike-Mate gives you a sustained, mellow energy boost that leaves you less jittery than other caffeinated drinks do. This is due to the natural caffeine in Heike-Mate, which makes it a carefree pick-me-up: day or night.


Aguardiente Blanco del Valle

Aguardiente Blanco del Valle

Aguardiente Blanco del Valle is a traditional Columbian spirit made from sugar cane with Star anise notes. Blanco del Valle is among the best spirits of the Colombian Andean Region and is made in Cali City, which is the capital of the Salsa Dance, famous for its happy people and dancing culture.



Components Tippler kit



You can make 12 cocktails with one Tippler Kit!

• 4 bottles Heike-Mate

• 2 bottles Aguardiente Blanco del Valle 375ml

• 6 limes, small bag of Ster anise

• 24 sugar sachets

• Cocktail shaker set


• 4罐黑客马黛

• 2罐布兰克哥伦比亚新阿苏克酒

• 6个莱姆.少许大茴香

• 24包糖

• 鸡尾酒混合组


How to...



Step 1

Cut the lime in two


Step 2

Add half a lime to the Jigger (metal cup shaped like a shot glass)


Step 3

Add to the shaker: 1.5 shot of Aguardiente


the lime juice,


2 sugar sachets,


Step 4

Add 3 ice cubes, close the shaker, and shake in a front to backward motion on shoulder height for about 10 seconds until all the ice is crushed and the ingredients are mixed.


Make sure to hold the top and the bottom of the shaker closed while in the process of shaking.


Step 5

Add 4 ice cubes to a tall glass and pour out the inside mix using the strainer.


Step 6

Add 1/3 of a bottle of Heike-Mate to the glass


Step 7

Give the mix a quick stir with the cocktail spoon


Step 8

Garnish with a piece of lime and the Star anise.


Enjoy your AguaMate!


BEHIND THE LOGO | 一杯茶饮logo的诞生需要几步

BEHIND THE LOGO | 一杯茶饮logo的诞生需要几步


With an out of the ordinary drink like Heike-Mate comes an out of the ordinary logo. People often tell us our logo looks cool and different, but are unaware that actually a lot of thought went into the design. When we developed Heike-Mate, we conducted an extensive research where we interviewed about 80 (mainly Chinese) people living in Shanghai to figure out what label and flavor would work best.


This eventually resulted in the current version of Heike-Mate: a healthy energy drink based on Yerba-Mate tea with a daring black and white label. We hope that all the effort we put into the design of our logo somehow resonates to our end customer and inspires them to create with the same creativity and dedication as with how we made Heike-Mate.




- The Colors 黑白色调-


We developed Heike-Mate as a natural energy drink for people active in the Chinese Startup scene. Startups run hectic schedules and its people can use a boost from time to time. This boost usually comes in the form of a coffee or energy drink. We at Heike-Mate believe that these ordinary caffeinated drinks are actually not that helpful: they bring you out of balance. They give you a short energy boost, but after the caffeine, sugar, or whatever is in there wears off, you end up with a feeling of down and a period of low energy. 


With Heike-Mate this is not the case: we deliver a long and mellow energy boost without the kick and the drop. Just like YinYang, we choose the colors black and white to show the balance aspect of our drink: with Heike-Mate you can bring your day into balance.


The colors black and white also indicate that Heike-Mate is suitable for consumption either during the day or night. Hence our slogan: Refresh today - Activate Tonight.

同时,Heike-Mate的黑白配色也是对于白天和黑夜两者状态的完美写照,正如我们的口号:Refresh Today - Activate Tonight.



- The Name 名字由来 -


So why did we choose the name Heike-Mate? The Mate part speaks for itself since our main ingredient is of course Yerba-Mate tea, also known by its shorter name: 'Mate' (pronounce as mah-teh). Heike or 黑客 means computer hacker in Chinese. With Heike-Mate, we want to give people the opportunity to 'hack their day'. 

黑客马黛 (Heike-Mate)这个名字又如何得来?Mate这一部分来源于黑客马黛茶中的主要原料耶巴马黛茶(Yerba-Mate),简写为Mate。Heike或者黑客就是中文里的电脑黑客,如同每一个码农潜心掌握代码,我们也希望通过黑客马黛茶,每个人都能驾驭自己的时间

Heike, which is a German girls name, also refers to the German Chaos Computer Club: a group of computer hackers that initially started consuming Mate-iced-teas. The font style of"Heike-Mate" reflects Heike-Mate's young nature: we are a newborn brand representing something new.




- The lines and dots 线点组合-



What's going on with all those lines and dots? The lines reflect Heike-Mate's energy content. Heike-Mate does indeed contain a lot of energy: it's about the strength of 1.5 cups of coffee. The dots reveal that Heike-Mate is carbonated, which is something that is very uncommon to drinks containing tea in China.




- The Tea Leaves 马黛茶叶 -


Heike-Mate's main ingredient is Yerba-Mate tea: an important feature that makes us stand out from other caffeinated drinks. The tea leaves on the top part of our logo reflect this characteristic, thus making Heike-Mate an energy tea.



And this is how we ended up with our final Heike-Mate logo. 



While developing Heike-Mate, we felt that it was most important that we would create a logo that we feel represents our company personally. By taking this much time, research, and effort, we were able to create something that inspires us and our customers to push forward. With Heike-Mate, we hope to inspire our customers to pursue their own dreams with the same creativity and dedication as with how we made Heike-Mate.



HEIKE-MATE @ Yin Yang Festival 2016 - Great Wall

Located on the amazing Great Wall of China, the Yin Yang music festival blew us away! Yin Yang was a one of a kind experience and the HeiKe team was proud to energize and quench the thirst of the Festival's visitors with HeiKe-Mate.


Yin Yang reflects China's upcoming alternative electronic music scene and aims to educate its crowd about the fun and lifestyle around non-commercial electronic music in China. The festival is therefore non-profit and visitors are even allowed to bring their own food and drinks. Fortunately for us, even those who brought along many crates of beer couldn't resist the temptation of ordering a cold bottle of HeiKe to revitalize their minds and bodies!


The festival is held on the beautiful HuangYaGuan (黄崖关长城) section of the Great Wall. This part features sections build in the Northern Qi Dynasty (550 - 557) and brick battlements laid in the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). It is truly a magical spot!


The line-up of the festival did not underdo for other big electronic music festivals worldwide. Acts such as HVOB, Peer Kusiv, and Citizen Kain all played DJ-sets and live-performances that did not allow you to stand still. Besides the international headliners, the festival featured more than 30 other talented and unique performers from all over China and the World. Bottles of chilled Heike Mate gave everyone the necessary energy to dance throughout the night.

阴阳音乐节并不像世界上其他的电子音乐节那样,没有拚尽全力。此次音乐节上我们邀请了例如HVOB, Peer Kusiv, Citizen Kain等前来演出,他们的现场演出甚至都不允许你只是站立在那里,每一瓶HEIKE都给你疯狂整晚跳舞的能量,除此之外,更有超过30名极具天赋和能力的来自世界各地艺术家在音乐节上演出。

The festival itself has an amazing vibe. Standing on the Great Wall while dancing to killer beats is truly an amazing experience! The sunrise was one of the most memorable moments with the sun slowly rising and locals in the distance practicing Tai Chi on the Great Wall. We were proud to take part in this amazing music festival and are grateful for the great response we got of the Yin Yang crowd!


A big shout out to the Mansion crew, Tianjin government, and all other organizers and participants for making it a festival to never forget! We hope to join you again for next year's festival!